iSuperhero Jay

After several year of being a successful disk jockey (DJ), and night life promoter. Jay decided to follow her heart, quit everything and pursue music full time. She started a record label called ” Superhero Productions Group “. Creating and producing beats for other artist. Jay later transition to writing, recording, engineering, and publishing her own music.

iSuperhero Jay now has over 3 Albums, along with tons of great singles. Bringing her publicly released music total to over 100 tracks, all of which is self written, and most are produced by her as well. Appearing on celebrity and popular dj mixtapes. In addition to filming, directing, and editing music videos. Developing a clothing brand, amongst other promising business ventures and ideas. that’s pretty impressive for a new and up coming artist!

Jay impressively push the creative limits by recording mostly on her cell phone and mixing the tracks on the computer to create a unique sound. Listening to isuperhero you will never get bored, because every song give you a different perspective, and feeling. Blending pop music with a splash of RnB, hip hop and rock n roll.

iSuperhero is being compared to artist such a Travis Scott, Daft Punk, Khalid, T-Boz of T.L.C, Rihanna, H.E.R, Lenny Kravitz and more. As Jay continues to make a stamp in the entertainment industry. By climbing the ladder of music leaders, and legends. It’s very clear this superhero is up next. Don’t take my word for it, go listen to at least 3 song and you too will agree.


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