Artist name. Dwayne ward

Bio. Rock n roll guitar player who co_ founded the band, The Lennon Effect, a four piece orginal rock n roll band from co Meath Ireland in 2017. The Lennon effect since has gone on to play around many pubs and clubs around ireland since forming, and also putting out a 5 track EP in the process. currently now the band has decided to take a break and do different things in the mean time, but as for myself I have been working with other musicians and working on few material which I hope to put out early in the new year, I also have been included in some session guitar work over the lockdown period, which also has been great for me to focus on the new material and ideas I have been working on. A lot of my influences are rock n roll based like rory gallagher, Angus young, slash, james Hetfield and so on, there’s where it all started for me, with guitar playing was seeing rory Gallagher play, I was like, ok this guy is just something else, and he’s Irish aswell so it’s a good plus. 2021 I’ve some heavy rock n roll tunes for people to listen to and I cant wait.

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