Artist Name: B.I.G.G. Cool DaPoet

Born of Jamaican parents, Cool was raised in North West (NW) Washington, D.C., better known as “UpTown”. The name “B.I.G.G. Cool DaPoet”, derived from his stature and personality, for being known as both the big and cool guy. The letters “B.I.G.G.” stands for “Before It Gets Gritty”. As to say, “before we are no longer able to enjoy life”. Cool was raised on Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, ALT Rock, and Go-Go music, the native cultural sound of D.C./ D.M.V. (DC, Maryland & Virginia). Cool has been writing poems and songs since his childhood. He didn’t start rapping, until after he graduated high school. He would perform live at open mics within DC. Which also contributed to his versatility when creating songs. He went on to win “Best lyrics” for the 2010 KFC Pride 360 Contest with his song, “Letters To Home”. A short story song of two separate individuals, who chose different paths and wrote letters to their loved ones. He then went on to win “Best lyrics” for the “American Music Track Awards” in 2017, with his song “Save Me. ft. Erika Anderson”. Another short story song, but of a woman in an abusive relationship, who’s life takes an unforeseen turn. Both were incredibly great confidence building experiences. It was also confirmation that one shouldn’t allow their talents and gifts to go to waste. Cool is currently working on an EP release and designing merch to release in the near future.
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